Jamie Chung Has a Genius Tip for Getting Red Wine Stains Out of Clothes

And it will come in handy at the Golden Globes!

Actress and lifestyle guru Jamie Chung partnered with Golden Globes' sponsor Moët & Chandon to create a signature drink for this year's awards dinner — and what she came up with is a mix of champagne, tequila, fresh-squeezed blood orange juice, and honey. "It's really bright and opens up the palate," Jamie told The Feast at a preview of the big night at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles (clip above).

It's also rather bright in color, thanks to the blood orange juice. "The color is gorgeous — a mixture of red and orange," Jamie said. "It pays homage to the red carpet, and also plays really nicely with the florals."

And while that all may be true, the cocktail might also be a bit of a hazard next to all those gowns on loan when it comes to the potential for stains! Fortunately, however, Jamie also has a great tip for how to get stains out, should they become a problem on a big night.

"If you ever get red wine [on your clothes], you take white wine and you dab it on the red wine spots and it takes it out," Jamie explained.


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