Jennifer Lopez Makes This Protein Shake Recipe Twice Daily to "Slim Down a Couple Pounds" in Days

Twin mom and 49-year-old Second Act star Jennifer Lopez is sharing diet tips she lives by.

Even über-fit human specimen Jennifer Lopez confesses to having some “naughty” eating indiscretions — though we’re willing to bet hers are not as dramatic some of the holiday-cookie benders we’ve witnessed in the office kitchen around this time of year (of course, we’d never do such a thing ourselves, obviously, because restraint).

Indeed, the 49-year-old Second Act star and twin mama with abs and arms of steel told People that she does allow herself indulgences, but she also knows when — and how — to reign things in when she determines she’s overdone it. “I’m not a perfect eater,” she told People. “But if I feel like I’ve been naughty for a few days or if I’m trying to slim down a couple of pounds, I’ll do a protein shake in the morning and one at night.”

She told People that one of her favorite recipes for such a remedy is a thick and protein-filled shake made from sunflower butter, chocolate protein powder, and banana.

Another diet tip a la J-Lo? Drink plenty of water, which she never fails to do. Hydration is always a good idea. But abs of steel? Well, your mileage may vary on that.

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