Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals The Hilarious (Brilliant!) Reason Why She Takes Selfies in the Fridge

This is actually a pretty cool idea. (See what we did there?)

If celebrities are willing to share the contents of their refrigerators, we're all ears. The topic is oddly fascinating — what can we say?

We were rapt when we discovered that Jax Taylor always keeps a cool botte of Sriacha in his man cave. We were charmed to see that Rachel Zoe keeps ice cream cones right next to her mustard. But if you peek inside Jennifer Love Hewitt's fridge, you'll find something even more amazing: the actress herself. 

Yep, it's true. In a series on Instagram Stories called "Fridge Light Confessions," the Ghost Whisperer star stands bathed in the light of her open refrigerator door, and talks about... whatever! In a recent story, the fridge-lit actress talked about decorating for fall, Bachelor in Paradise, and more.

And listen, Love Hewitt is onto something here: The lighting is so flattering, it makes her look like an angel of Instagram. So, just imagine her dismay when she discovered that her trailer at work is missing the one thing that's essential to her confessionals. (Ugh! Did no one get her rider?) 

"Guys, I just discovered something terrible in my trailer," Love Hewitt said. "No fridge light! How can I do fridge light confessions at work?" 

It's an issue, for sure, and we're hoping that she gets this resolved swiftly. But in the meantime, we know where we'll be snapping our next profile pic — and it's not far from the milk and ketchup. 

Photo: Jennifer Love Hewitt/Instagram

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