This Is What Happened When Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek Ate 6 Pot Brownies

What is: Never again.

Think tequila will give you a bad hangover? Just see what happens when you get into a bad batch of brownies. Alex Trebek knows the sweets' potential side effects all too well, as he recently revealed. 

Chatting with The Daily Beast, the Jeopardy host rehashed (see what we did there?) a particularly rough weekend he had in the 1970s. Shortly after he'd moved to the States from his native Canada, Trebek attended a swanky party in Malibu — and helped himself to the brownie spread.

"I had just arrived in California and went to a friend’s house for dinner, and there were brownies. I love brownies — I’m a chocoholic — and I didn’t realize that they were hash brownies," he said.

"And… whoa. That threw me for a loop. I took down about a half-dozen. The dinner party was on a Friday, and I was not able to leave that house until Sunday afternoon. I spent the next day and a half in bed."

So, did her get the recipe? Not as such. "It was not a good trip, and I have not done any of that stuff since,” he said.

We'll take "Live and Learn" for $1,000, Alex.

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