John McCain Ran This Cherished Family Cooking Tradition Like a "Military Operation"

Late Senator John McCain was a family man to be reckoned with on Thanksgiving.

As bipartisan tributes pour in to celebrate the life of John McCain, a story has emerged that paints a vivid picture of the way the family man celebrated the last Thanksgiving before his death over the weekend at age 81.

The senator passed the food-centric holiday deep-frying seven turkeys for his family — and rather than intermittently dozing off on the sofa, the Vietnam vet approached the task as seriously as he did the tasks required of him in his professional military capacity.

“It’s about a four- or five-hour operation,” McCain told People last fall, and that he approached the project like a "military operation.”

Wife Cindy McCain clarified that he didn't go about this intense work alone, however; rather, he expected sons and neighbors to step up.

“He was handing out orders quite well," she told People. "He wanted it done a certain way, and so we had all the boys [helping].”

The senator began the prep work on the morning of the day before Thanksgiving, because, “one of the important parts is to marinate the turkey at least a day ahead of time.”

It will soothe his admirers that the senator passed his last Thanksgiving enjoying the richness of food, family, and festivity.

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