Kelly Clarkson Ate a Habanero Chili For Charity and it Went Hilariously Off the Rails: "Jesus Take the Wheel!"

Watch the singer's epic videos for the ALS challenge.

It's not easy to bite into a notoriously spicy pepper, but Kelly Clarkson will do anything for a good cause. On February 1, the singer dared to do the unthinkable — namely, put an entire habanero into her mouth — to benefit ALS Research. Our tongues are burning just thinking about it. 

To back up, the ALS Pepper Challenge is the new take on the famous ice-bucket challenge. And to back up more, ICYMI, the latter spawned hundreds of videos of celebrities and mere mortals alike dousing themselves in icy water in an effort to raise money for ALS research in 2014. 

Now that the pepper challenge has become a thing, familiar faces like Andy Cohen are boldly introducing their palates to previously unforeseen spice levels. And, Clarkson was the latest celebrity to be challenged with the daunting task. 

The "Stronger" singer was dared to try the challenge a fellow country superstar. In the video she posted to Instagram, Clarkson joked: "I cannot stand you, Trisha Yearwood!" She added, while holding the daunting pepper before her: "This is love, because I've actually never had a habanero."

Perhaps that explains why Clarkson called on some help from above to get her through the biting after-effects of tasting the spicy morsel. "Jesus take the wheel," she pled. Watch the hilarious clips, below. 

And, look out Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Adam Levine! Clarkson tagged the three Voice judges and challenged them to bite into the peppers next. 

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