Kim Kardashian Is Eating Noodles Topless in Japan, Just So You Know (PICS)

Kim Kardashian doesn't seem even a little worried about her proximity to that hot broth in Tokyo.

Another day, another breaking development from the Kardashian sisters' culinary adventures through Japan. In today's news you can use: Kim Kardashian was captured slurping noodles from a glossy black bowl. And though the steamy snack does look delicious, we're just a teeny bit distracted by what Kim is wearing... or, as it happens, what she's not wearing. 

The KKW Beauty mogul might have taken style notes from Chrissy Teigen's accustomed whipping-up-salad ensemble on this one. (Remember this topless look?) With her newly pink hair tossed over her shoulder and her lashes painted an inky black, Kim left her top off for some au naturale noddle slurping. 

While we're a bit concerned — how hot was that broth, exactly? — we'd certainly call this "a moment." And perhaps we'd even file it away under inspiration for spicing up the next ramen-takeout night. 


Kim is not the Kardashian only sister who's putting her own spin on noodle-slurping. Khloe also bit into the delicacy, but chose to use her fingers as utenstils — and wear pajamas — for the nighttime snack. 

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