Kourtney Kardashian Makes This Armenian Dish for Every Holiday Brunch: "So Yummy!"

Nana Kardashian would be proud that her recipe remains a family tradition.

Kris Jenner is ever the proud momager who loves to share her children's accomplishments on social media — not just their latest business ventures and family milestones... but even their go-to recipes. Daughter Kourtney Kardashian gathered her extended family for Mother's Day, which began with her kids serving her breakfast somewhere even better than bed, and Kris couldn't wait to share on Instagram what Kourtney made for everyone to eat. 

Kourtney crafted perfect beeshee (or bishi), a pancake-like treat served with sugar or syrup that her grandmother Helen Kardashian (also known as Nana) taught everyone how to make.

The Armenian Kitchen blog shared an easy recipe after fans wrote in asking how to make it after hearing the Kardashian family talk about it over the years. So now you can keep up with the Kardashians in the kitchen, too.

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