Kylie Jenner "Can't Be Friends With You" if You Don’t Like This Food — So Here's Her Recipe

Stormi Webster's mom makes a drool-worthy version.

Kylie Jenner feels right at home in the kitchen — she even had her own Web cooking series a few years ago. And from the looks of her Instagram Stories, the new mom to Stormi Webster (with boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott) still spends a lot of time whipping up home-cooked goodness. She made matzo ball soup with chicken on Monday, documenting the process for her fans on social media.

She started by sauteeing bits of celery at the bottom of her soup pot and then added carrots. Once the celery and carrots got soft, she added onion and cooked a few minutes more before adding chicken broth and chicken bouillon to the pot. Once it got all nice and bubbly, she threw in some egg noodles.

At the same time, she boiled another pot and threw in some chicken, shredding it once cooked and adding it to the soup pot along with giant homemade matzo balls.

Kylie kept this part of her recipe secret, but matzo balls are typically made with matzo meal, egg, kosher salt and oil or schmaltz (rendered chicken fat).

"If U don't like matzo balls, I can't be friends with you!!!" she declared.

So now you're armed with the necessary tools to be Kylie's friend, and you're officially besties for life. (That's how it works, right?)

Photos: Kylie Jenner/Instagram 

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