Uh, Kylie Jenner Just Played a Drinking Game While (Allegedly) Pregnant

Things that make you go hmmmm.

Kylie Jenner hasn't confirmed those pregnancy rumors just yet — and that's totally fine with us. It is, after all, no one's business but Kylie's whether she has a little one on the way. But, that doesn't mean we're not vigilantly stalking her social media accounts for any clues in the meantime. (We see you painting your nails pink, Kylie.)

So, when the cosmetics mogul posted a video of herself playing the popular drinking game "Never Have I Ever," we couldn't help but notice that she eschewed cocktails or shots in favor of a steaming cup of tea. How quaint! And, what a tease! 

The alleged mama-to-be was pictured from the shoulders-up during the game, which she played alongside bestie Jordyn Woods and her assistant, Victoria Villarroel. All three players wore festive holiday sweaters, and got down to confessing big things as they dunked their tea bags into clear cups.

Not to spoil anything, but some of the ladies have lied to their significant others, while others have brushed their teeth — using someone else's brush. Watch the video below to get the scoop on the other naughty secrets from Kylie's merry band of mischief makers. 

Also, not to read into things too much, but Kylie's hair does look particularly thick, lustrous, and shiny here. Hmm, is this a pregnancy perk? Or just something that comes with the territory, when one is a world-famous beauty mogul? Only time will tell. 

And for now, consider this video an excellent tutorial for how to play drinking games when you're the designated driver. Or, you know, preggers. 

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