Lance Bass Reveals the Peculiar Detail From His NSYNC Days That Still Inspires His Diet

Present-day Lance Bass takes cooking inspiration from the unlikeliest source.

It wasn't that long ago that we thought Lance Bass's biggest talents were singing and dancing. But then, we bit into his coconut cake. Indeed, the former boy-band member has been a refreshing addition to the celebrity culinary scene — but he's not above tucking into bread sticks at a popular Italian chain. 

The multi-hyphenate talent recently appeared on's Cold Cuts With Al Roker, in which the host invites celebs on set for a chat while they make a sandwich inspired by the star's favorite things.

In this case, Bass brought some gumbo onto the set — he is, after all, from New Orleans. But, in a slightly more surprising turn of events, he also had a couple of delicacies he attributed to his fond memories of (wait for it) Olive Garden. "What's the deal with that?" Roker asked. As it turns out, there's quite the story there. 

"On tour with NSYNC, after every show that we would do, we would still be in our clothes, completely drenched. And they would have food waiting for us on the bus... and I always got the Tour of Italy from Olive Garden. So I would eat that pretty much every single night."

Quick refresher: The chain's "Tour of Italy" advertises "Three OG classics all on one plate!" You get chicken parm, lasagna, and fettuccini alfredo all in one. What's not to love about that? 

Naturally, chicken topped with cheese was a part of the sandwich Bass made. And, he added a dab of fettuccini alfredo, because he knows the universal truth of life: "You can never get enough cheese."

Watch the clip above to see the amazing, Olive Garden-inspired sando being made.

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