Lea Michele Showed Us the Inside of Her Fridge, and Now We're Convinced She's Superhuman

Does this health nut EVER have a cheat day? 

If you follow Lea Michele on Instagram, you that one of her favorite places is SoulCycle. The former Glee star is downright addicted to a good workout — and her food addictions are just as healthy. The singer and actress recently showed off the inside of her fridge on social media. And may we just ask: Is this actually the produce aisle of the most immaculate grocery store ever

Behold shelves lined with bottles of water, loads of fresh fruits, and other healthful goodies like chia-seed bread. We're guessing that Lea Michele doesn't find expired cartons of Thai takeout each time she cleans out her fridge. (So, just us?) 

There's a method behind this sparkling, color-blocked organization. In a caption to accompany her Instagram story, the singer explained that she keeps healthy food at home so that when a snack-attack strikes, she'll have no choice but to reach for something like a fistful of cherries or a ripe, juicy orange. Instead of, you know, leftover Pad Thai. 

Whatever Lea Michele is doing, it's certainly working. The star is in tip-top shape, and her bikini snaps from beaches around the world are on our fitness vision board. 

But, lest you start thinking Lea Michele's not just like us, she has admitted to some cheat-day cravings in the past. "My vice is cheese, 100-percent, and pizza," she once told E!. "I was just in New York City a couple weeks ago, and I definitely late-night had like four slices of pizza. The best!"

Even better, apparently, when it's chased with limes and Brussels sprouts. 

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