McDonald's Is Testing a New Hamburger Made with Fresh Beef, and OMG

Wait, what's in the other burgers, though?

The beef in most McDonald's hamburgers is made from a frozen composite of cows, but the fast food giant is currently testing out something a little fresher in a few select locations. The Archburger, made with fresh beef and named after the Golden Arches, is served with cheese, pickles, onions, and the yet-to-be-identified Arch sauce.

According to USA Today, this may be a precursor to a wider rollout of using fresh beef; the company announced last March that it would switch to using fresh beef for Quarter Pounders in 2018.

Though the Archburger was spotted by analysts in Plano, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, a representative from McDonald's told The Feast in an emailed statement that the item is available in the latter state.

"We are conducting a limited test in Oklahoma and look forward to gaining valuable feedback from our customers and crew," the rep said. "We are continuing to raise the bar for our customers with new menu items and ways to experience our brand."

How does it taste, OK?

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