Meghan Markle Is Willing to Eat Anything Anthony Bourdain Eats, and Now We Love Her Even More

Will Prince Harry be able to keep up with his future wife's adventurous palate? 

Meghan Markle's royal wedding will have two cakes. And, there might be more surprises on the menu, to boot: The future royal has admitted that she has an adventurous palate, and isn't afraid to sink her teeth into exotic fare. In fact, Markle told The Chicago Tribune in 2013: "I eat everything!" 

Recalling a trip she had taken with her first husband, Trevor Engelson, the former Suits actress said: "My poor husband has to try to keep up with me. In Vietnam two years ago, I was eating everything I had seen Anthony Bourdain eat. My husband just got sick."  

Markle is not just adventurous in the culinary realm. The native Californian grew up with a travel-agent mother, and has been hitting vacation spots like Oaxaca, Mexico, and Hawaii since she was a wee one. "We never did conventional family trips like Disney World," she said. "I never felt envious of the more cookie cutter-type of vacations, although I'm sure those would have been wonderful, too. But my mom never wanted me to just go to a resort and not leave the property, and think that was all there was to visiting a foreign country." 

We love that worldly perspective on travel for kids. And, let's face it: though she may have missed out on seeing Cinderella's Castle as a kid, Markle will spend plenty of time traipsing palaces and castles in the next few years. 

In the 2013 interview, Markle may also have dropped some hints on future vacations she'll take with Prince Harry: The human-rights advocate revealed that Barcelona is one of her favorite cities, though she also loves Big Sur and Hong Kong. It sounds like Markle's taste in destination travel is as eclectic as her taste in food!

Hopefully, Harry has a strong stomach that's up for sampling street foods from around the world. Just a heads up, Har: In Barcelona, Bourdain loves Pinotxo Bar, which has everything from tripe to cockles and bratwurst on its menu. 

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