11 Impressive and Hilarious Impromptu Menorahs People Made Out of Random Stuff in Their Kitchens

No candle holder? No problem.

That feeling when Hanukkah just creeps up on you... and you realize you don't have a menorah in the house. (Womp womp.) That's OK, you're crafty — you'll make do in a pinch. Just like these people on Instagram did. (The Hostess cupcakes though!)

Make-shift Menorah 🕎🍷Happy Chanukah from Cafe Eilat! #diymenorah #eightnightsofwine

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Happy Hanukkah! #diymenorah #limenorah #firstnight

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Happy first night of Hannukah! #diymenorah #gasstationopportunist

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Happy Hanukkah! #diymenorah

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The festival of "Lites" #homemademenorah #hanukah

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Luke's 1st Hanukkah 👌@reallukeg #1stnightofhanukkah #homemademenorah #jewlife #8crazynights

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#happychanukah #eightcrazynights #potatopancakes #jewishwife #homemademenorah

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Happy Chanukah!! 🌟 @jerr_body @jamie_katzz #homemademenorah #craftyshiksa

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May your lights shine bright!

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