Nicole Kidman's Hidden Talent Is Eating Bugs — And Here's the Squirm-Inducing Video to Prove It

Four bowls full, to be exact. 

If she has to, Kim Kardashian West can slug a sardine smoothie. But, that's nothing on Nicole Kidman. The Oscar winner recently revealed a secret talent that she's kept under wraps — and you may want to ex of out this window now, if you're eating lunch. 

Still with us? Here goes: Kidman not only tolerates the taste of bugs. She actually likes crunching away on the creepy, crawly creatures! To be fair, eating bugs isn't exactly uncommon in some parts of the world — but here in America they're more often associated with "food" offered incidentally at say, roadside burger shacks.

Appearing in Vanity Fair's "Secret Talent Theatre," the Big Little Lies actress shared: "Two billion people in the world eat bugs and I’m one of them.” Kidman went on to pick up chopsticks and tuck into a four-course meal that was crawling (like, for real) with live hornworms, mealworms, crickets, and fried grasshoppers. 

And, Kidman even provided tasting notes. The mealworms were "fruity" while the crickets tasted like "hairy nuts." The grasshoppers were "exquisite." And as for the hornworms, well, they were simply "extraordinary." And also a little "moist and chewy." Tempting, huh? 

Watch the actress chow down, below. After watching this, we think you'll agree with Kidman's sentiment that she could totally crush Survivor. (Sheesh. All that wasted potential!)

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