Oprah Winfrey Has a New Line of Frozen Pizzas With a Secret Ingredient

"If I hadn’t told ya, you’d never know," Oprah teased.

There's something about Oprah Winfrey that you may not know — and when you find out what it is, you may love her even more. 

On August 22, the TV icon took to Instagram with an announcement. To caption a short video of herself standing a spotless kitchen, with a gingham tablecloth in hand, she wrote: "Bet y’all didn’t know I had hidden pizza talents!" Why, no! We did not! Oprah went on to explain that she's been busily testing lots of ingredients for her new line of frozen pizzas. And that's not all: You can get your hands on one of those O, That's Good pies at a grocery store near you. 

And there's a secret about these frozen meals. "The crust is made with a twist of cauliflower but if I hadn’t told ya you’d never know," Oprah continued in her caption. Slick, Oprah!

Now, all we need is a bottle of vino and a few The Oprah Winfrey Show reruns, and we're ready for a pizza night in.  

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