No Offense, America — But Pippa Middleton Will Never Eat This One Thing for Breakfast

She's no Meghan Markle.

Since Meghan Markle has said she'd eat whatever Anthony Bourdain would eat, we know she's down to eat just about anything. And it turns out, that's a trait that sets her apart from the sister of her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Indeed, royal family-adjacent Pippa Middleton has some opinions on a particular breakfast favorite from Meghan's home country of America. In her support role with the Magic Breakfast campaign, Pippa is all about promoting the benefits of healthy breakfast in British schools — which means she's steering fully clear of a salty-sweet combo plate standard in restaurants across the U.S.

“Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup — that certainly doesn’t do it for me,” Pippa told I News in response to a question about one thing she'd never eat. Of course, that doesn't mean she avoids the important meal altogether.

“I always have breakfast. I can’t start the day properly without it,” she noted. But her go-to pick is a bit different in nutritional value: "My usual breakfast is either plain yogurt with chopped fruit and toasted seeds, oats and nuts or toasted rye bread with eggs or avocado.”

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