You WANT to Be too Cool for This New Taco-Croissant Mashup... But You Know You'd Eat the Hell Out of It

To heck with jam — this flaky pastry demands shredded cheddar. 

San Francisco known for its progressive cultural ethos, and that mentality trickles down to its fare. So, it's perhaps not surprising that the city was the first that dared to question the status quo of tacos and croissants. Why, two pastry chefs wondered, should the two delicacies be forced to lead separate lives? And then, they dared to do something about it. 

Let's back up a bit. Arnaud Goethals and Julie Vandermeersch own Vive la Tarte, an artisan bakery that slings treats such as strawberry croissants and burnt-banana-and-ginger-milkshake donuts. When the couple set out to open the second Vive la Tarte location at the Ferry building, the culinary pros wanted to bring something a little different to the menu. Something that would keep customers coming back. Something as addictive as... tacos crossed with croissants. 

And just like that, the Tacro was born. Since ordinary croissant dough is a bit too sweet to play well with salsa, the chefs spent two months developing the right dough for their instantly classic creation. But, all the research and development was worth it: On January 19, the day that Tacros became available, they sold out in less than two hours. 

Now, the treats are regularly offered, and they come topped with chicken and avocado, pulled pork and pineapple, or jackfruit. Take a peek at the flaky creations below, and brace yourself: a breakfast tacro might be next. 

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