Tiffany Haddish Just Revealed the Best Recipe Secret We’ve Ever Heard

Hint: It's an ingredient that everyone already has on hand.

Cookbook publishers should consider giving Tiffany Haddish a book deal because her recipes include a secret weapon that make them turn out absolutely perfect.

The Girls Trip comedienne posted a picture of a tempting-looking plate of stuffed artichokes that she made for herself, and shared the key to making just pop.

"I made stuffed Artichoke and it was so Good the secret to my recipe is I smile the whole time," she wrote on Instagram. "Granted I was the only one who ate it and I did eat it all. I know if I made if for others they would love it and request it, cause I just asked myself if I could make again. I even said please. I am still waiting on the answer from myself."

She wasn't ashamed to admit that she made it for herself, hashtagging her post with phrases like #cookingforone, #lastblackunicorn and #feedyourselfThenYoucanfeedeverybodyelse.

So now we know: Smiling makes for a perfect stuffed artichoke. Also, lots of cheese helps.

But seriously, beyond just food, smiling actually makes everything better — thanks for the reminder, Tiffany!

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