This Epic New Trader Joe’s Grocery Item Earned Instant Cult Status... and Here's Why Resistance Is Futile

The deep-dish chocolate chip cookie is not just a dessert, but a phenomenon.

Friends, if you love chocolate chips (duh), and you love cookies (duh), and you need a little comfort food in your life right now, you're going to want to experience Trader Joe's newest restaurant-inspired cookie product. It's called the Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie, and it's basically a super affordable cookie skillet. Retailing for $3.99, this giant dessert feeds 10, per TJ's blog post on the glorious must have (so figure that's enough for you and.... you, 10 minutes later).

What's in It?

Trader Joe's Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie uses the grocer's proprietary refrigerated cookie dough as a base, so its ingredients list is fairly standard and probably already in your pantry: butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and lots of chocolate chips.

Ready to devour one (or 20) of your own? Serve it up warm and à la mode using your favorite ice cream, or dip each bite into a chilled glass of milk. Or — better yet — just eat it plain, because who has the mental capacity for advanced thought when a deep-dish cookie skillet in reach?!

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