Victoria Beckham Had a "Sad" Birthday Cake, But Her Daughter Had the Happiest One Ever

This time, the ingredients did not include watermelon. 

If you've been paying attention to celebrities' Instagram posts of their kids' birthday parties — and clearly, you have, if you're anything like us — you may have noticed a distinct trend among them. Christina El Moussa posted about it, the Kardashians did too, and Scheana Shay did it for her own birthday bash.

That's right: Unicorn cakes are very much a thing — even if Bravo's Top Chef's Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi can't quite get behind it — And now, Victoria Beckham is the latest celeb to serve up a fantastical, rainbow-decked treat at her little one's party. 

But first, for some context, let's review what Victoria tucked into for her own birthday celebration. This won't take long: It was watermelon. Yep, just some fruit that the Internet was quick to deem sad.

Now, quite unlike her mother's cake, Harper Beckham's was a frosted unicorn with pastel wings, and it was glorious to behold. So, behold: 

We'd take that over melon any day. 

And if you want even more proof that celebs love serving up unicorn cakes, just take a look at what Liv Tyler served at her daughter's recent birthday bash: 

Yep, we'd take that one over watermelon, too: It's like happiness on a platter.

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