OMG, This "Tragic" Sushi Was Still Moving When It Was Served (VIDEO)

Yes, it's fresh, but...

Raw-fish eaters the world over know that fresh seafood is imperative to a pleasant dining experience. But there's fresh sushi... and then there's still squirming, very-much-alive sushi. If you're squeamish, you've been warned that you might be extremely grossed out by a now-viral video out of Japan, which shows a moving piece of clam sushi... on a plate. At a restaurant. After it has already been served to a guest. Eek!

The 30-second video was posted on February 11 by Japanese Twitter user @shoumizo3446, who captioned the moment: "The tragedy of Sushiro." You might agree with that "tragic" description, depending on your perspective. (Are you more like Gordon Ramsay or Chris Pratt, or do you fall more into the vegetarian-friendly category?)

Despite the meal's movements, the Twitter user did actually eat the "extremely delicious" sushi after poking it with chopsticks for the camera.

Can you stomach it? Watch the video below to see the clam's final moments.

Photo: Twitter/@shoumizo3446

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