Gross! Viral Video Shows Man Just Ladling Soup Right Into His Mouth From the Hot Bar And People Are Freaking Out

Here is it: Your moment of NOPE.

Sometimes, when food-related videos go viral — such as the one that showed a pizzeria waitress body slam a customer who groped her — it can feel like a collective catharsis, a vindicating shared moment that underscores the notion of good triumphing over evil.

This is not that viral food video. (Trigger warning for readers with weak stomachs...)

A Reddit user shared the now-viral soup video to the platform's "trashy" category, with the comment: "eating the soup straight off the bar, thought it belongs here."

As you might imagine, people were not having it. Behold:

"Like, is it that hard to not drink directly from the ladle or mix the soups together? I don’t get it," one wrote. "It's like when people purposefully piss on toilet seats or leave their dog’s poop for everyone to step on. If we all just tried a little bit, the world could actually be a decent place to live."

Many went on to share similar experiences they witnessed from behind the scenes on their own jobs. "As someone who works in a grocery store with a soup and salad bar, I can confirm, customers will do horrid things to it," one Redditor shared.

Several users also pointed to the potential dangers of such indiscriminate hot-bar usage. One wrote, "I can hear my food allergies screaming from their sad pit of woe deep in my stomach." 

Another added, "This is exactly how I, a person allergic to peanuts, nearly died from an anaphylactic reaction to a fruit salad bar... some kid had just eaten peanut butter toast and got their grubby hands all over the fruit."

The video took on a life of its own on other social media, too.

In short, the Internet consensus is: YUCK.

Also, good luck trying to think about anything else next time you're at a buffet. You're welcome!

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