Honored to Work With Tasha

May 23, 2013 • 10:23 AM ET
Full transcript after the jump This week was a great week. It was crazy because we tried to figure out like, "OK can we make Tasha and Brian rock it two totally different ways and the audience still love it?" You sing the same song, but that...
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Kandi Gets Attached

May 3, 2013 • 5:53 PM ET
This week on The Kandi Factory was an interesting week. It started off very shaky. Working with Kristin I thought it was going to be easy, because I thought, "Oh OK, she's a good looking girl." I thought she was going to be able to sing. Kristin...
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Kandi: Kevin Went the Extra Mile

April 30, 2013 • 6:05 PM ET
Read Kandi's full transcript after the jump:Oh my goodness. . .I thought that Garrison was going to be a lot more exciting than how she actually turned out to be. Her over-the-top personality on that tape -- it wasn’t as big and as fun as...
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The Kandi Factory Team Speaks

April 30, 2013 • 1:57 PM ET
Don Vito, producer Website: DonVitoXL.com Twitter: donvitoxlInstagram: donvitoxl Bravotv.com: Tell us a little bit more about your process of working with the artists on the show? What are you trying to accomplish with each person? Don...
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Kandi Learns to Rock Out

April 23, 2013 • 11:47 AM ET
Read Kandi's full transcript after the jump: The Kandi Factory team has doen it again! Harmik is so funny — his personality is crazy and loud and I love that, but obviously it didn't mix too well with Victor. OK, I don't know what was up with his...
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