On Goody Goodies and Timid Performances

Kandi explains how Darian and Lauryn's personalities ended up surprising her.

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I think this was a great week at The Kandi Factory. When we first got Lauryn and Darian down here to Atlanta, it was interesting getting to know their personalities.

Lauryn, I mean, sweet girl, but Vito was giving her such a hard time in the studio.  He didn't believe anything she had to say. He didn't believe that she was in love because she was so sweetsy and goodie, goodie, goodie. 

And then, wow, come to find out, Lauryn is a virgin. And we're sitting up here making her feel bad for being a sweet innocent young lady, when isn't that what most young ladies need to be?

Darian on the other hand, he was extremely timid when I first met him. I mean, here he is on his audition tape telling us how, you know, he had one point in his life. He had to tell himself he was the s---, so that he could be more confident.  But when he got here it seemed like he went back to that guy from way back when who really wasn't that confident. 

Until he got into rehearsals with Victor that is--maybe it's because both of them are quote unquote choreographers? They bumped heads. Even if you don't get along with the protégés, this is a representation of our work. Because if he's whack then that makes us look whack.

Kwame did a great job making them both over. Darian looked great, I loved his new look. He gave him that edge that he needed.

And Lauryn, she looked good, but, you know, we tried to give her a little bit more edge with her look because, you know, she looked so young before. We wanted to make her look a little bit closer to her age. So with that, of course, we wanted to give her high heels. But on show day...

That was not the best thing to do. But thank God, she's a professional.  She just jumped up and kept moving like nothing even happened, nothing was wrong. She kept singing, she sang her heart out, and I loved it.

Darian on the other hand, he should have killed the choreography. Especially at the breakdown. He didn't do that.

So in the end I decided to go with Lauryn. I feel like she's talented, and I feel like, I felt like she brought it.

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Kandi shares how hard it was to see Kristin struggle with a song she loved so much.

This week on The Kandi Factory was an interesting week. It started off very shaky. Working with Kristin I thought it was going to be easy, because I thought, "Oh OK, she's a good looking girl." I thought she was going to be able to sing. Kristin just didn't work. She didn't work at learning her lyrics and that was a major problem.

You know sometimes, certain songs, I am attached to. I'm not going to lie. And that was one of them. And I just felt like she ruined it. When she got on the stage and had the nerve to forget an entire half of a verse and just stood there and held the microphone, oh I wanted to throw tomatoes at her, really. I was like, "C'mon girl. What are you doing to my song?"

Cory is a very unique guy. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with anybody who had any form of autism. We just didn't know what to expect. So I already knew it was going to be a learning experience. And then he could not [opera style] stop singing like he's on stage in a Broadway play. I was sitting there thinking, "Oh my goodness, how are we going to make this work?"

But what Victor did with his performance, it just worked. It was amazing watching him on stage. And I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to work with him. He deserved it all day long.

I guess I'll see you guys next week, because, as always, we'll have more magic to make at The Kandi Factory.