Ask Patti

Patti Stanger answers your relationship questions!

on Mar 6, 2009

Reality Show Love
I just watched the season finale of The Bachelor, and I am wondering what you think of that show! Is it really possible to find true love that way?

Yes, however it has to be someone that doesn’t have a fame-whore agenda. In Millionaire Matchmaker season finale (2) you will meet a gay gentleman who came on to the show looking for true love because the last ten years of his life have been spent working. On the show he never ever talked about his business because he was strictly there to find true love. TV can be used as a vehicle to meet your soulmate – but your intentions must be pure.

Friends With the Ex
Is it wrong for women to stay friends with an ex-boyfriend?

It is not wrong, however enough time must pass – at least a year… preferably if you are both in relationships.

What is the biggest mistake you think women make when trying to find their soul mate?

Not buying the book Become Your Own Matchmaker (out NOW!) or joining!!!