Destin Pfaff

Getting to know Destin

on Jan 22, 2008

I'm also a working screenwriter and producer. I have a hot girlfriend, crappy car and caring relatives and friends. Patti, Chelsea and Alison truly are part of my extended family and I love them very much.

Working for Patti is an adventure -- one few are able to handle -- and I totally enjoy it. She's a hardcore business woman, a perfect reader of people and is no holds barred when it comes to her opinion. She really is how you see her on television. Hell, so is Chels and Alison, and probably even me.

One may ask, "If you're writing, acting and producing movies and shows, why keep working for Patti?" The answer is simple. I care about her greatly, and I get paid very well. Nah, I'm just kidding, I don't get paid well. I love matchmaking.

In the coming weeks, you'll be reading all of my intimate thoughts on Patti, the business, Chelsea and Alison, the men, the girls, my life, and the show. So, stay tuned and enjoy!