Patti Stanger

Breaking down Joseph and Xander

on Feb 5, 2008

When I first met Joseph, I felt he was a very feminine natured man and that he was a little odd. He told me he was going to rent a house in the south of France after he was leaving here with something like 35 women living in the house. None of these women were dating him and he was going to be the only guy there. A little odd, a little weird, and a little off the mark.

I think he's very obsessed with perfection in the looks department. He is very short, and he only likes tall girls, 5'8" and up, model types, lanky, long, and lean with perfection in the face area. He gravitates towards high cheek bones and the slinky body, the Kate Mosses of the world. I think he's dreaming, and delusional. I think the reason he's single is because he won't take a girl 5'4, who is a cute little spinner type that he can settle down with. He's just too obsessed with looks. So, I think he's a nice guy, but he's got Napoleon Complex. As long as you have a Napoleon Complex, you are always going to wonder, "Why don't the tall ones want me?"

As far as the date he picked, I loved her for him. I thought that he was great in picking a normal, nice, girl comedienne. She was fantastic and was open to dating again. However, I got a call from her and she told me that she was continuing to see him even though he was living at a distance and then he disappeared on her. He'll be one of those "dating ADD" types -- leave you for three weeks and then breeze back into town like a cyclone, and say, "Hey ready to go out again?" Then, not have any conversations for 3 weeks, no checking in, no emails, no texting and expect a warm reception when he get's back, not knowing why the woman is not giving one. I think he's a little clueless in the dating market.