Patti Stanger

The model executive and the cliff jumper

on Mar 4, 2008

He starts bragging to me how he wants older, refined women. He complained a bit -- he's a little bit of a complainer, a little bit of a Yenta. I was really surprised that had I not thrown Marcella in at the 11th hour, I don't think he would have picked anyone. I was really happy that he picked the girl I chose out of all of them, because she was my front runner. Hopefully he is going to learn that women in their late 30s and up are really the market to go after. He can't complain that he needs younger women who are brilliant, because 25 year olds are not brilliant. He has to get out of his own way. He's been divorced twice, he has kids, and he's approaching early 60s. It's time to push or get off the pot and stop running after young children, sleeping with them, and then having to deal with the aftermath when they are not as intelligent as he is. Of course they can't be, they are young enough to be his daughter! It's a joke.