The Millionaires

What started as a prank turned out to be a wonderful treat

Jan 22, 2008

Then, suddenly, here I was at the Hollywood Park Turf Club with 15 women, and they ALL wanted to know about ME -- who I was, what I like to do, and they all had that look in their eyes like I was the prince of the ball and they wanted to be my princesses!

I only wish I could have gone on dates with several of the women -- hey, who wouldn't?! It was so hard to choose, especially when I only got to spend about an hour with them all in a group setting. But, alas, life is full of tough choices, although in this case, I was a like a kid in a candy store, and so I went with my gut, and chose Sarah. It was definitely her gorgeous eyes that did it for me!

The date was great. I was definitely nervous at first, but after a little champagne on the yacht, it was all good. And even better was several weeks later, not with Sarah, but with a "runner up." But then, that's another story, for another day, and besides, I probably shouldn't kiss and tell! So, if you asked me what the experience was like, I wouldn't even have to say a word -- the smile is still on my face!

Your still humble "Millionaire," Harold

*(Except as a photo double for a tennis pro on the TV show "Vegas" when I was 18. If you blinked, you missed me!)