The Millionaires

Smike shares his 'Matchmaker' experience!

Feb 11, 2010

On to the fun stuff - yes, Chad and I are still hanging out. We spent the night of the original airdate watching the show with friends and then headed out to Hollywood with some of the others guys with whom Patti introduced to me on the show. We have all since become friends and we had a blast dancing until 2 am. Besides Chad, Aaron and David (re-watch the show if you don’t remember them) are wonderful men and I am blessed that Patti facilitated the introduction of these guys into my life. I suppose our interactions over the next few months may provide countless hours of entertainment, at least to all of us. If you were at the club Tuesday night, you probably witnessed Aaron’s repeat of the strip tease – this time, however, the cameras were not on us, so we all got a lot more silly.

Unlike some of the know-it-alls that Patti works with, I have decided to follow Patti’s advice to stay in LA for at least the next four months. Now that I am in LA, Chad and I will have a better chance at maneuvering through obstacles so that we can see if we can continue the connection we discovered on Millionaire Matchmaker. I think Patti’s idea that I am traveling to find something that might just be in my own backyard made some sense. This will allow me to pursue my opportunity with Chad and/or other men who have introduced themselves into my world since the show aired. I am certainly someone that understands the power of connection, so this experience is powerfully interesting. I am open to the development of a relationship with a man with whom I connect on levels beyond just the physical. I am happy to discuss the importance of metaphysical, spiritual and educational connections as they relate to gay men and our relationships. Ask away.

My next trip is road trip with Jane, an amazing lesbian friend of mine. We plan to drive from Denver to NYC. I have done so much world travel lately, that a cross-country American adventure sounds perfect. This land of ours contains all the amazing sights and adventures that I have discovered around the world. I am excited to re-discovered America. If you are on that route, be sure to drop a note so we can grab a cup of coffee, or a drink, as we drive through the heartland of America. I am seeing our adventure as a mixed-gender, butcher version of Thelma and Louise – sans the cliff ending, of course.