The Millionaires

Andrew shares more about his date with Whitney and working with Patti!

Mar 2, 2009


I’ve never met anyone quite like Patti … except for maybe my mom. I think all Jewish women are put on this earth to set up their son (or client) with a nice young lady. I guess some are just better at it than others, and Patti is certainly much better at it than my mom. I did find her somewhat quick to “label” me into a certain category, ie. “introvert” rather than really listening and getting to know me, but maybe she is just a really quick judge of character. That being said, I have never had much luck being “set up” with women, but I thought I would give this a shot, and if anyone was fit for the job it would be Patti. I have been so busy working to launch our new 3-D Social Networking site designed to bring the club to your computer,, running my Digital Marketing Firm, Seed Corn Advertising, launching a new medical website builder and directory, and managing my other businesses and travels that I hadn’t made a lot of time for dating. So, if someone can bring me 20 beautiful women in one night, it’s not a bad deal.

When I walked into the room that evening and saw all those beautiful women it was definitely intimidating. While I can certainly be shy about first meeting people, once I get into a conversation I generally find it easy to relax and get to know someone, but I can’t get to know 20 people at once which is kind of what it felt like. While there were a lot of gorgeous women at the mixer, I didn’t really get the impression that any of them had been “handpicked” by Patti as a perfect match for me; and Patti was the first to tell me that she was not happy with the selection of women. I think she called them her “D-list." I decided then that I would choose the girl that I thought would be the most fun and that I seemed to have the best physical chemistry with - Whitney. Even though she was very young and not Jewish, I just felt like we got along really well and she seemed open to anything. We really had a nice time on our date and despite the cameras it was actually quite natural and fun. Whitney and I dated for a little bit, but in the end, where we were in our careers and life was just too far apart. Patti was right about this, of course, but I ignored her advice. I think under different circumstances it might have worked out, but in relationships timing is everything and the timing was just not right for us. We always had a blast together, though, and are still friends - although she has since moved to Las Vegas to pursue a new career.