The Millionaires

Justin describes his 'Matchmaker' experience! "Creativity is what I had to rely on when it came to interacting with Patti."

Jan 26, 2010


What an experience! First of all, wow, I never knew how many people watch this show, especially, women! I’ve received texts, e-mails, and phone calls from people who I haven’t seen in years. If I had known that this was the kind of response I would get from women, I would have gone on this show a long time ago…just kidding! I would love for all of you to check out my website at because it has all of my recent credits, bio, and reels; including all of my press. Plus, I’m putting up a live podcast of a review of my Millionaire Matchmaker date on my website. You can also add me as a friend on facebook at or follow me on twitter at I love hearing from my fans, it’s awesome! Acting is my passion, and I have been acting since I was six and continue to be thrilled to be a working actor in film and television as well as voice-overs.

With my background as a Stanford grad, living in Paris and also recently studying for my MBA, I believe that I bring a unique perspective to acting roles. Acting is all about bringing creativity and making choices for a character, and I believe that I do that very well. I’ve also invested in real estate since I was young and have a fantastic real estate company called Check it out when you get a chance. It is set up for individuals interested in buying and selling real estate which gives cash flow from the moment you buy it. It is fantastic for anyone looking to invest in real estate.

Creativity is what I had to rely on when it came to interacting with Patti; yea, she’s definitely a character. She appears to be an expert in her field so I’m glad that she guided me even though I disagreed with some of her techniques. I find it interesting that she critiqued my dress attire since I’m an actor, and I’ve got a great sense of style. Sorry, but I don’t think putting on a hardhat and overalls is my idea of being masculine. Thanks Patti, you’re a sweetie!