The Millionaires

Millioniare Kevin shares his experience on Matchmaker.

Apr 30, 2009

A famous playwright once wrote, “It’s a very funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything less than the best, you very often get it." This is the way I’ve approached most things in my life. From an early age, I have been very ambitious and started several business ventures while still in school. I’ve traveled internationally since the day I was born, and even until this day I never stay in one particular place or state for more than a couple of weeks. This was has been my attitude towards my personal life as well. That ambitious streak extended to the women I dated. I’ve dated many amazing women, but each time, there was a voice inside of me saying that "I was meant for so much more.” Needless to say, I haven’t had much experience in the long-term dating department. Hence, I’ve been given the opportunity to present this blog to all of you.

I am an Advertising and Celebrity photographer by profession ( and very much an entrepreneur at heart. Much of my time is taken up by the celebrity branding and marketing agency, The Forum Agency ( which I co-founded in 2008. In spite of it all, I have a lot of fun living my life and doing what I do. I guess I can’t really complain being surrounded by beautiful women, fun parties, fast cars, yachts and planes. In the lifestyle of the entertainment industry, parties are very much part and parcel of the job (well, that’s my excuse anyway). But up to a certain point, I began to ask myself if this was all life had to offer? I was sure that there was much more behind all this superficiality of the Hollywood glamour lifestyle I was living.

My team and I are currently in the process of launching a new brand called Modern Home and Living (MH+L) ( . It features celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs and their homes. The magazine component isn’t merely a surface level look at their wealth and their toys, but a look into their individual personalities and how it is translated to their living spaces and designs. It is an intimate peek into the lives of your favorite celebrities behind closed doors. Look out for the Modern Home and Living magazine, TV show, furniture stores, themed parties and network launching in phases over coming the months. My team and I will strive to make home living fun and hip again.