The Millionaires

Hear from millionaire Omar about his Matchmaker experience! "Why the heck I would ever take a first date on a junk removal job?"

Jan 19, 2010


So I am the first and most likely the last guy to ever make his date "haul junk" on a TV dating show. OK I admit it was a big mistake, although the look on my date's face when I pulled up in a College Hunks Hauling Junk dump truck was kind of priceless. Rachel was a sweet girl and a great sport even though I may have "punked" her a bit. Let me first start off by trying to rationalize (with myself and everyone else) why the heck I would ever take a first date on a junk removal job.

What was I thinking?! OK, first off, I hate first dates. They suck. The same questions, the overall awkwardness, the canned laughter. They are ALWAYS the same. It feels like a job interview not a date. Second, I didn't want the girl to be wowed by me flaunting money or expensive things I wanted to really get to know her and have her get to know me. Third, if you can have fun with someone doing something that sucks like running errands or hauling junk then you can have fun doing anything. OK any girl reading this is probably rolling their eyes and saying, "You could still do all of that and NOT haul junk on a first date." I agree and it certainly backfired BUT what made me stubborn about the whole thing was trying to prove Patti wrong. From the second I mentioned my date idea she hated me. The more she hated on my idea the more I wanted to prove her wrong. She said I should do a hot air balloon ride, which I thought was the cheesiest date idea ever. But it turned out when I asked Rachel what her ideal date would have been she said "hot air balloon." D'oh! Patti is a master of her craft and I should have listened to her rather than be the stubborn guy that I can tend to be.