The Millionaires

Millionaire Douglas talks about his eco-friendly mission and his experience on 'Matchmaker!'

Mar 15, 2010

While I had no issues with Patti in our meetings and felt at ease throughout, I do feel the segments were constructed to significantly distort my image. OK, enough least they guy I went out with, David, was very nice and we had a great day together! We didn't talk at all after that date as, honestly, 4-rth has been absorbing nearly all my time. Seriously, I'm thrilled to already be incorporating as many sustainable business practices into as possible such as: no exterior packaging prior to shipping; using the US post office for deliveries; and using a web host that is 100% solar-powered. As I said, as 4-rth grows, so will its influence!

I truly hope this episode, including the other eco-driven millionaire, made the audience & fans of Millionaire Matchmaker more aware of the environment and how our everyday purchases have an enormous impact on the planet! Good luck to us all.