The Millionaires

Hear from Millionaire Uri about his experience on Matchmaker!

Apr 22, 2009

I had a wonderful experience on the Millionaire Matchmaker. Of course having a typical Jewish mother, I am always nagged about finding someone to settle down with. I’ve been looking seriously, but I just haven’t found the right person just yet. Given my schedule working on a variety of projects at the same time, I don’t have much time for dating. Family and friends have often tried setting me up and recently recommended I try working with a matchmaker. Who better to work with than Patti, certainly one of the world’s greatest. When I had the opportunity to become her client on the Millionaire Matchmaker show, I held my breath and jumped, hoping for the best. I was obviously a bit nervous about the public aspect of being on a reality TV show, but I do work in the entertainment world, so I felt like I could handle the potential risk of embarrassment. After all, I think the pursuit of love always involves some risk.

Some memorable moments during my experience included meeting Patti. I remember walking into her office for the first time. I’m 5’8” and Patti towered over me interrogating me before I even had the chance to sit down. She immediately asked me if I was a commitment-phobe and wondered why I was still single. At 34, I often ask myself the same thing. I suppose meeting the right person happens earlier in life for some people, and later for others. Patti dug deeper and insisted on knowing why my last relationship failed and I was forced to reveal that my ex-girlfriend dumped me because she felt she didn’t love me as much as I loved her. I think it was probably a good thing to have been so honest, as it disarmed Patti, and most of the rest of the interview seemed to continue smoothly.

Patti asked me what I was looking for in a woman and I gave her a laundry list of important characteristics… family oriented, smart, educated, fun, interesting, Jewish if possible, a dancer. Patti seemed to agree I had reasonable expectations. I know Patti listened well, because she found Tatiana, one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Tatiana is all of those things and more. I enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her over the short time we spent together. Ultimately, the chemistry just wasn’t there, and we became friends, but I can tell you that Patti impressed me, introducing me to a quality girl like Tatiana with similar interests. If you’re in the market for a matchmaker, I would highly recommend working with Patti!