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Roller Skates And The Guru Quest

Robby doesn't show the "K" and Brendon takes off his training wheels

I was really upset to fix Robby Love up. I had a lot of preconceived notions about him. I hated his video, I hated what he represented, and I thought he was just one of those goof balls trying to get fame, one of those "fame whores." But, after getting to know him, we tugged at each other's apron strings. I mean we were really having a fight there for awhile. He eventually surprised me though and he picked the girl I would have picked for him. He liked her, he courted her, and I was really surprised I read this one wrong. I really thought he turned out to be a nice guy. patti_ep106_01.jpg

Having said that, I was still very upset with him for being a super successful guy, who sold one of the biggest sports complexes in Deerfield Beach, and yet chooses to live in a run down hotel. To have major K and live in this dilapidated hotel just because it thrives on creativity, that is not really conducive to being a proper, successful millionaire. I don't really feel that a woman would take him seriously, and I think he's going to end up like Julian, unless he moves. He is just going to get dates, he's not going to get mates.

I was upset as well when he took a girl roller skating. But it was cool because she was into it. Even though she was into it, it wouldn't be my way to go- Venice Beach, have a lunch and then roller blade. I would want to take her to a nice dinner first, the 5 star dinner, and then hit the roller blading. Do the brunch on a later date after getting to know each other, this way you both are a little more familiar with each other's interests. Y'know, I love these guys who go on the "hiking date" first, "let's go pick blueberries!" That's really cheap. When you're a millionaire, to go pick blueberries, and bring the picnic lunch up to the mountain -- give me a break! I want to see somebody's K on the first date. They're millionaires, act like it! Then you can do the boating or hanging out at the beach. Oh well, this was a little bit different for me, but she loved it because she's a roller blader, so, who am I to say?

Brendon, however, is one of those quiet little soft shoes who hides in the background and doesn't really get a lot of play. He was willing to learn from me and he went all the way across the country to meet the Guru. I was really impressed by that. I was also impressed that he wasn't really into the girl that I picked for him because she was Asian, but he was open to it because he was very attracted to her. In the end, he went for the one he really wanted all along. I always do this with my clients when they're a little insecure or a little intimidated or, in this case, a little unsure of themselves. I will give them one girl to get their feet wet. This way they don't make a mistake with the second girl, which is the girl they want in the first place. They have to put on the training wheels before they can ride the bicycle out of the store.