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Siamese Twins And A "spiritual Warrior"

German, Tai and Peter's wrong moves

Tai, German and Peter. The Three Amigos. I thought they were going to be a lot easier than they ended up being. I was kind of overshooting my bounds here by thinking this was going to be a slam dunk. Peter Shane made a complete effort to tell me he wanted older women who were into Pilates, into spirituality, and would be interested in learning Chi Yong. He wanted all the things that revolved around his world since he lives in an isolated area of Malibu in the middle of the mountains. So, he needed one of those types of girls who are very centered, very into their own space, know where they're going in life, and closer to his own age, as he is in his late 40s. I thought for sure the 5 or 6 girls that we brought to the event would be one of them. But then what did he do? He completely turned the corner and went for the hottest girl who happened to be 24 years old. Then he complained about it after he realized that she wasn't involved as much as he was. It was ridiculous. How do you expect a 24 year old who is just getting out of college and experiencing life for the first time to know how to be on the same level as a 47 year old? That's just a bunch of b.s.! I think he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk, especially because he claims to be a "Spiritual Warrior."Then there was German and Tai. The fact that they like to double date, as if they were Siamese Twins, is cute at first, but it can really wear you thin. In this case it worked out for them. They each got the date they wanted, and the girls were interested. Thank God for that! However, the immaturity of the two of them showing up without their shirt on, to me, was classless. I don't really go for goofy stuff like that. You are looking for your wife, you're not looking for someone to get laid with and then discard at the end of the week. You're looking for a woman who's going to be there for the rest of your life. That's cute down the road when you know someone. However, to show up like that on a first date, that's just completely un-classy. All in all, I was not in favor of that.

The yacht that this episode took place on was fantastic! First of all, we had a captive audience. The girls could not leave if the men were unattractive (wink), so that was great. Cruising around Marina Del Rey, in the most beautiful time of the day, at sunset, well, who wouldn't want to be on that yacht? That was fantastic! I thought the turn out was exceptional, and Chelsea, Alison and Destin were so much fun as usual!