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Perfect Love And Peter

Words of advice from a 13th century poet

A poet once wrote of love:

Lovers have but the tendency to speak confessed words, for in true love we are idle and free.

Through love, all that is bitter will be sweet, Through love, the king will turn into a slave.

Now you make grow from me a thorn, now...a rose, now I smell the rose, I feel the thorn!

The life of lovers is in death: you will not win the beloved's heart, unless you lose your own. So, why do you search my pockets and my sleeves?

-Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273 A.D.) I wanted to include the above poem from the late great mystical poet Rumi. Is it intriguing to know that even back in 1200 A.D., they were contemplating the nature of love?

In my life, I have been in love many times. Although I have been blessed to have had the pleasure of being entertained by amazing women, who have taught and shared with me many wonderful life experiences, I have had only 6 months of perfect love.

How to find your soulmate? On one hand you have Patti, who is a third generation matchmaker, the so-called expert, who says she has the answers. And on the other hand, you have thousands of other people's love stories of how they met their soulmate by accidental situations that fill the tabloids daily.

Surely I'm not an expert on love, and if you ever find someone that says they are, it is always entertaining to listen to their stories. As I mention earlier, I had 6 months of perfect love, so at least I can say that I had that blessing.

What has worked for me in my life is: To be fulfilled and at peace with myself. Not base any of my actions out of fear. Strive to do my best, and to live life honestly, ethically, and have compassion and respect for others. God always takes care of the rest.

Peace and blessing,

Peter Shane