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Time For A History Lesson

The job that changed it all

Y'know, the question I get the most is, "What's it like working for Patti?" I figure this is the perfect place to answer that.

First, let's start with a little history lesson:

I started working for Patti about a year ago. I was putting in time at the now defunct Tower Records on Sunset in between film projects when she found me through a referral on Craig's List (ahh Craig's List, the one stop shop for used TVs, personal assistants and transvestite love.) I had sworn off assistant work and company managing, but I liked our phone call and decided to meet with her (eh, why not?) I warned her first (of course) of my "interesting" appearance, then went in to be interviewed.destin_01_102_320x240.jpg

Right off the bat, we totally hit it off! We knew within minutes we were a right fit for each other, and I started the next day. Within weeks I found myself completely assimilated into her life and the life of the business -- taking on every hat, performing every role and learning more about love than I ever thought possible. I became schooled by a master of relationships, and learned I had a hidden knack for it. I have never given out so much love advice in my life, (friends, family, clients, people on the street,) and I'm pretty much always right. Who knew?

And now here I am...on Bravo...on a reality show...talking to a computer. Weird.

So, back to the question, "What's it like working for Patti?" Well, honestly, it's pretty damn spectacular. I get time off whenever I need it, (to film, write, etc.,) we travel a lot, I go to the best restaurants and nightclubs, I get bonuses and I get the freedom to treat the business and its clients as my own. Not to mention Patti and I have our great relationship. I understand her, She understands me. We are both lucky.

She may be short-tempered, loud, stubborn and feisty, but that's her and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my job and I love my boss. How could you not?