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Introvert vs. Extrovert!

Patti's work with Laurence and Andrew isn't over yet!

Introvert vs. Extrovert! Why can’t men just be normal? First you have a guy like Laurence – all talk, ego and delusion. Then you have a guy like Andrew – Cole Hauser/Matthew McConaughey with a limited personality. Both nice enough guys in their own way, but c’mon. Andrew – get out of your shell! Laurence – shut-up! FOCUS! Be aware of yourself. And seriously, the girl asking you out?! Laurence! Bad!

Interestingly enough, both my extrovert and my introvert picked the same girl. What’s funny is, I saw that coming a mile away! Whitney is that magical creature that can woo the quiet one by finding his inner 'extro' and make sparks with the obnoxious one by calming him down. I’m glad ultimately that she chose Andrew – he needs that...

Speaking of Whitney, my new Director of Registration, Rachel, I have to give credit to – she really pulled it out at the last minute after a rocky start. And figures, I get on her for Jewish...she picks shiksas… and that’s what they both choose! Good job, Rach! My staff always comes through – working whatever hours and doing whatever it takes to pull through. It’s a scramble. It’s stressful. And they’re the best!

Watch out though, my work still isn’t fully done with these two! Andrew, let’s make sure you can keep the girl. Laurence, you’re getting up there – time to settle down!