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Romance! Match! Game Over!

Patti talks about interoffice dating and the two millionaires who fell for eachother!

So, after hours and hours of convincing and urging, I managed to 'force' Destin to allow Rachel to work for us. Good idea on my part? Well, we’ll just have to see about that – Destin may end up with a gray-haired mohawk when all is said and done but oh well, he could have been more firm if he really wanted to – plus, I love her. I thought long and hard about it, and although I am against interoffice romances in general, these are my children and it keeps them under my watchful eye. They better be good...NO FIGHTING! And Rachel, don’t let me down!

Speaking of 'interoffice romances,' can we talk about Heidi and Bill for a second? OK? I KNEW they’d go for each other from minute one. There was no doubt. Two great-looking people with (after all is said and done) good hearts… add a dash of chemistry, a tad of tingles and my watchful eye, and BOOM! ROMANCE! MATCH! GAME OVER! They win...and MC wins!

You know, normally, working with a millionairesses is a challenge. They tend to have either masculine energy or pick everything in life apart. Picky. Critical. Difficult. Heidi was different though. She was sweet and kind – a damaged flower that just needed some love and ‘water.’ A chance to find happiness… and get her pipes cleaned. Gorgeous girls over 40 in LA often think that their life is like Logan’s Run with lights out, however take that smoking biatch and send her to the Midwest and farmers will sow her fields!

And Bill? Ageism. Although I have no strict rule about what age should date what age, if you’re a sixty year old man, you found a winning lottery ticket if you’re dating a twenty five year old girl that doesn’t want children and genuinely loves you for you, not to mention finds you attractive. STOP WITH THE AGEISM. GET OVER YOURSELF. Youth is wonderful, but no replacement for wisdom and experience. Stop the madness and quit asking us how old we are! I like Bill, but stop. For the love of all that is good in the universe...STOP!