Pursuit of Love

Hear from Millionaire Uri about his experience on Matchmaker!

I had a wonderful experience on the Millionaire Matchmaker. Of course having a typical Jewish mother, I am always nagged about finding someone to settle down with. I’ve been looking seriously, but I just haven’t found the right person just yet. Given my schedule working on a variety of projects at the same time, I don’t have much time for dating. Family and friends have often tried setting me up and recently recommended I try working with a matchmaker. Who better to work with than Patti, certainly one of the world’s greatest. When I had the opportunity to become her client on the Millionaire Matchmaker show, I held my breath and jumped, hoping for the best. I was obviously a bit nervous about the public aspect of being on a reality TV show, but I do work in the entertainment world, so I felt like I could handle the potential risk of embarrassment. After all, I think the pursuit of love always involves some risk.

Some memorable moments during my experience included meeting Patti. I remember walking into her office for the first time. I’m 5’8” and Patti towered over me interrogating me before I even had the chance to sit down. She immediately asked me if I was a commitment-phobe and wondered why I was still single. At 34, I often ask myself the same thing. I suppose meeting the right person happens earlier in life for some people, and later for others. Patti dug deeper and insisted on knowing why my last relationship failed and I was forced to reveal that my ex-girlfriend dumped me because she felt she didn’t love me as much as I loved her. I think it was probably a good thing to have been so honest, as it disarmed Patti, and most of the rest of the interview seemed to continue smoothly.

Patti asked me what I was looking for in a woman and I gave her a laundry list of important characteristics… family oriented, smart, educated, fun, interesting, Jewish if possible, a dancer. Patti seemed to agree I had reasonable expectations. I know Patti listened well, because she found Tatiana, one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Tatiana is all of those things and more. I enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her over the short time we spent together. Ultimately, the chemistry just wasn’t there, and we became friends, but I can tell you that Patti impressed me, introducing me to a quality girl like Tatiana with similar interests. If you’re in the market for a matchmaker, I would highly recommend working with Patti!

By the way, for those of you who would like to reach me, this is Oz, the entertainment district I am developing in Florida, which promises to be a world class tourist destination with Broadway theatres, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, office towers and residential luxury towers: Perhaps your store or restaurant would like to be considered for the first phase of our entertainment district? Or perhaps you'd like an exciting place to locate your corporate office? Please contact me at

If you’d like a copy of the ebook I wrote, you can download it here And of course, if you’re in South Florida, please stop by the arena for a concert or show or visit one of my dance studios: in person & or online at Lastly, if you know of someone that I should consider dating, please send me a note on facebook :)
- Uri Man

Making a Match: Brooklyn Chooses Sizzle vs. Substance

Patti dishes on what it was like working with Thicker Than Water Brooklyn Tankard and getting a New York player to start take matchmaking seriously.

Season 8 of The Millionaire Matchmaker is one of the most dramatic ever. This time around, Patti Stanger is helping plenty of unlikely clients find love, from RHOA’s Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield to rap royalty Romeo Miller.

Each week, we're asking Patti to weigh in on every episode in her exclusive vlog. She'll tackle the good (Brooklyn on French kissing), the bad (Amit’s beard)—and the hilarious (Patti’s New York accent!).

This week, she talks about setting up Thicker Than Water's Brooklyn Tankard and teaching this Long Island divorcee to stop looking for love at the clubs. Check out the latest episode vlog below and watch past episodes here.

Brooklyn Tankard the star of Thicker Than Water is up this week. Brooklyn is pretty funny and exciting, she’s a little bit off though. She’s basically a single mom with a daughter and you know she doesn’t get to meet quality men, she really hasn’t found her equal.

My other client this week is liquor entrepreneur Amit Ram, he’s from Long Island. He’s got this awful f---ing beard on his face. Girls in the clubs like his beard, yeah, yeah in 1959 they do, not in 2015.

For those two we chose to do a Hot Seat Mixer. That means Brooklyn and Amit interview potential dates and if they don’t like someone they can kick them out of the hot seat, but if they like them, they get to stay. So it’s kind of like musical chairs.

Brooklyn goes through a bunch of guys and some of them are really awesome. I personally love Jason, he’s tall, he’s older, he’s been divorced, he has kids, he’s a very solid guy. But Brooklyn’s got her eye on Michael who's a bit younger, really hot, super sexy, has sort of a football player look -- and she can’t take her eyes off of him. Instead of going for the substance she’s going for the sizzle.

Meanwhile, Amit chose a great little petite girl named Daniella, she’s also a gym rat like him, they have a lot in common. He’s taken her on an interesting date, free-running training, you know when run and when you jump and you climb, it’s kind of extreme dating. They’re both pretty bad at it, but they love working out so they have a really great time. Then he takes her to a nice dinner at a classy place, Miceli’s.

I just hope Brooklyn took some of my lessons with her back to Nashville, because she needs a lot of work.

Patti Stanger

Brooklyn had a really nice date with Michael, they went peddle boating. But Michael didn’t ask much about Brooklyn, and this didn’t really work out for her because she likes to be the center of attention. So I don’t think that she chose well. I think it should’ve been Jason, which is the one I wanted her to go out with all along. I just hope she took some of my lessons with her back to Nashville because she needs a lot of work. I bet she'll be back again next time.      

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