Farrah Franklin & Kevin Oh

Season 2 | AIRED: Apr 30 10/9c

Farrah Franklin, former member of Destiny's Child, has been hurt in the past by a previous boyfriend causing her to be very guarded with men and in her dating life. Kevin Oh, a celebrity photographer, has only had a string of two-week relationships and is always looking for the next best thing since he only dates models. Patti is up for the challenge with these two millionaires.

Pattiā€™s mixer for her two new clients is smaller, which allows both millionaires to have one-on-one meetings with everyone. Once Farrah and Kevin select their dates, Patti sends Kevin to Dr. Pat Allen, a relationship therapist. Dr. Pat digs deep within Kevin and makes him realize what he has to do in order to have a meaningful relationship. On her date, Farrah goes to the beach with Sinjin Smith, a renowned professional volleyball player. On Kevin's date at Santa Monica Pier, he tries to take Dr. Pat's advice and take things slow.

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