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More Geek Than Chic

Dylan talks about succumbing to peer pressure, making a move on Arielle, and more!


When approached about going on Millionaire Matchmaker, I did what I always do when faced with a difficult decision. I assessed the situation and ran a cost/benefit analysis.

Pros: A unique experience. Introduce my company ( to a new audience. Showcase boyish charm and rugged good looks. Potentially I’ll sharpen my dating skills.

Cons: Experience couldn’t be more out of my comfort zone. Expose a multitude of flaws to a new audience. I’m terrified of Patti. Potentially I’ll be disowned by my family.

Ultimately I threw out my analysis and succumbed to peer pressure. I began to doubt this decision as my LA trip approached, but once I arrived everything moved so quickly that I didn’t have time to worry. The show was surprisingly real – I wasn’t given advice, lines, or makeup – I just showed up and the cameras started rolling. Within thirty minutes Patti had labeled me a geek and instructed me to “dance sexy” with a stranger in moose-themed pajama pants. (To be fair, the wardrobe selection was my own doing). The lesson was awkward, but if the goal was to force me to loosen up and not worry about looking cool, it totally worked.

Then came the mixer. I secretly hoped that the other millionaire would be seventy and creepy so that I’d look good by comparison, but Hillel was a far better partner in crime – it was impossible not to have fun around him. Initially, the conversations felt forced and repetitive, but Patti’s team came to the rescue – they kept things moving and I didn’t even notice Arielle until they pushed her in front of me.


Arielle couldn’t have been a better date – she’s witty, laid-back, and gorgeous. We dined, we danced, and she even surprised me with an impromptu serenade. Before long I faced a crucial decision: should I go for the kiss? Getting denied on national television would be an epic fail, but wimping out would invoke Patti’s wrath. I decided to go for it. Overall I had a blast, and later that night Arielle shared more of her music with me on Box - respect.

We’ve kept in touch and have since rocked a tandem lawnmower (my signature move) on multiple dance floors. I invited Arielle to join my Band Hero crew as a backup singer, but due to creative differences she decided to pursue a solo career instead. She’s doing great and is about to release her first EP – selected works by the very talented Arielle:

As bizarre as the experience was, I learned a few things from it after all. I was pushed to examine my priorities and think about what I want from a relationship. I expanded my comfort zone, and I now feel more confident meeting people in social settings. I even picked up an arsenal of irresistible dance moves. Although I’m still terrified of Patti, I’m amazingly still welcome in my parents’ home. Eat it, cons list.

Despite Patti’s best efforts, I remain way more geek than chic. What’s next? My current goals include taking Box public, winning the little league pennant (as a coach, not a player – that would be equally awesome though), and rocking out with Taylor Swift. For serious Taylor: next time you’re in California, let me know.

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Clarifications now that I've seen the show: a) Our band actually has 5 members - album cover here: and b) "doing the lawnmower" is not code for sex. :)