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Patti's Favorite Episode

Self-Absorbed Gigolo?

Millionaire Douglas talks about his eco-friendly mission and his experience on 'Matchmaker!'


In my episode, I made a conscious choice to emphasize my strong alliance with the environment - even chastising my date David for initially choosing red meat for his lunch. The production of red meat, I explained, is far more damaging to the environment compared to white meat. With my new eco-friendly clothing company, named 4-rth, ("for earth") my primary focus is to make the clothing industry accountable for its fabric choices and construction processes. The more successful becomes, the more influence it will yield. 4-rth only uses 100% organic cotton from the USA, and the garments are locally produced here in Los Angeles. Think about it, with our everyday "purchasing" choices, we have an impact on the economy and the processes involved in producing the products we buy. Therefore, without naming brands, I urge you to strongly consider NOT purchasing clothes that are heavily over-processed with graphics, dyes, metallics, and glued items, etc. The clothing industry is already the second most polluting on the planet, as is! The people who decide to buy heavily over-processed clothing make it much worse. So please help me in spreading the word!

Throughout my involvement with Patti, I really tried to illuminate my passion for environmental awareness. I drive a hybrid vehicle and I'm serious about hyper-miling (soft starts and slower speeds), consuming less energy, reducing consumption of products I do NOT need, recycling those I use, reusing those that can be (canvas bags), and constantly coaching my friends about their own habits and the resulting impact. In addition to becoming a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council (, I will eventually have my estate left to this organization so that they can continue the legendary work they are immersed in – nothing other than saving the planet from profit-driven corporations and governments that worship at the altar of economic growth without regard to environmental consequence. Now, do I sound like the self-absorbed gigolo that Patti Stanger made me out to be on my episode? LOL.


While I had no issues with Patti in our meetings and felt at ease throughout, I do feel the segments were constructed to significantly distort my image. OK, enough least they guy I went out with, David, was very nice and we had a great day together! We didn't talk at all after that date as, honestly, 4-rth has been absorbing nearly all my time. Seriously, I'm thrilled to already be incorporating as many sustainable business practices into as possible such as: no exterior packaging prior to shipping; using the US post office for deliveries; and using a web host that is 100% solar-powered. As I said, as 4-rth grows, so will its influence!

I truly hope this episode, including the other eco-driven millionaire, made the audience & fans of Millionaire Matchmaker more aware of the environment and how our everyday purchases have an enormous impact on the planet! Good luck to us all.

Making a Match: Larry Birkhead & Melyssa Ford

Find out what Patti really thought about sexy Melyssa and shy guy Larry's dates.

This week I got to meet one of the sweetest guys in the world, Larry Birkhead: the boy from Kentucky. There’s just one problem: he hasn’t dated in like a decade. This guy needs practice. I mean, he’s drop dead gorgeous and he can’t do anything. I can send him out into the world and the world of a mixer and a date, but he could botch it. Candace and I will give him some mock dating experience and I will pick his date for him. The first time he’ll meet her will be when they go out for the first time. No chance for him to get nervous, and more importantly, no time for the girl to look him up and see who he is. He can stand on his own two feet and just be himself, not Anna Nicole’s ex.

He can stand on his own two feet and just be himself, not Anna Nicole’s ex.

My other client this week is drop dead gorgeous: Melyssa Ford. She’s the star of Blood Sweat and Heels, she used to be in a bunch of music videos, and she was nicknamed the "Video Vixen". I know it’s hard to turn off the beauty and the booty, so I bring her to doctor Pat Allen. Doctor Pat and I have worked together for years. Doctor Pat told Melyssa that she should be leading with her brain. Melyssa can be sexy no matter what: but can she look for the guy who’s interested in what she has to say, not what she looks like?

So I’m doing something new: I get Candace and David to bring a bunch of good appropriate men and women to the mixer. I just want a handful of guys for Melyssa, and a handful of girls for Larry. I introduce the best ones to Melyssa for her to choose from, and I’ll pick the best girl to set up Larry with on a blind date. Melyssa picks Jay. Jay listened to the conversation, and remembered Melyssa liked bowling and cigars. And he took her on a perfect, fun, get-to-know-you date. Meanwhile, Larry met up with his date at Universal Studios. He had a private tour set up, and he and Michelle met for the first time. They had a blast. She knew who he was, but they got past that and they got to know each other. And he took her for dinner and even got a kiss at the end.

So in the end, I’m so happy that both Larry and Melyssa got to learn something. Larry got to know he can be himself and there’s no need to be shy, and she knows (Melyssa) that there are guys out there who can look past her booty and see the great girl underneath.

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