Ask the Matchmakers: Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

Our matchmakers encourage you not to limit yourself to a certain type or age. 


I met this guy through a friend that I work with, and he came highly recommended. He looked not like my type at all. He seemed to have the qualities that I am looking for: a job, sense of humor, great personality. We went on the date and we both had a really great time. The only thing is, he is 3 years younger than me. I don't know if I am scared of falling in love after getting hurt in a previous realtionship, or if the age is really bothering me. Does age matter?

First of all, sometimes what you think is your type isn't, as this happened to me when I met Destin. He was the complete opposite of what I normally liked. Second, age really is just a number as what matters most is chemistry and maturity. If everything else lines up then make a bridge and get over it. Don’t be an "ageist." Three years really isn't a big deal in the grand picture. Go out with him and see where it will go with an open mind. -Rachel


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