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Life's a Beach

PJ explains why he did the show and shares the status of his and Amy's relationship.

I've done some crazy things in my life, but this one may take the cake. 

Before I start, there is something I have to admit. I am a fan of the show "The Millionaire Matchmaker." There, I said it. I think it's a good premise for a show, and Patti is "entertaining" (more so when she is ripping into someone else, but whatever). 

I think if you choose to step into the lion's den, you should know what you are potentially in for. And if she rips you for your hair, your clothes, the things you say and do, oh well, that's all fair game. I just don't think it's cool that she attacks people personally for things they cannot change. 

And when she ripped on me for my lifestyle choices, my clothes, my hair, no worries, those are all choices. But when she said "I look old," she attacked me personally and no one deserves that. And guess what, I am old, I'm forty three and have lived five lives! And at the time of the shooting, I was feeling that. I was dealing with some health issues that I have since resolved. 

I haven't been sitting around counting pennies. I have done things even I couldn't have dreamed of (and I do a lot of dreaming). I've water skied, wake boarded, acted and done stunts professionally. I've been surfing all over the world. I'm pretty proficient at skate boarding, wake boarding, wake skating, snow skiing, snow boarding, kite boarding, mountain biking and flying planes, hang gliders, sea planes and sailplanes. I've partied like a rock star (sometimes with rock stars). I've been in a real Hollywood movie, done national TV commercials, I've written for magazines, narrated as well as produced wakeboarding instructional videos, done color on ESPN, tested boats, designed boats, started businesses and sold them. Phew. That was like a resume.

Truth is, I have never had a real job. I have spent the majority of my life doing the things I love, and became so good at some of them that I built a career on it. I took what I learned, doing all these amazing things and figured out how to create value for companies and then of course talked them into paying me for it.

I continue to live my dream, spending six months out of the year on an island, living it up with my island friends, pursuing my interest in music, renovating my surf shack, landscaping my yard, growing my own veggies, and catching my own fish, conch, and lobster. 

So Patti, say what you will, but I think my friends and fans (interesting new concept) will back me on this. I have worked very hard to create a life that is perfect for me. There is nothing anyone can say that will make me feel bad about the choices I've made for myself, because I have always been true to myself, and I sleep well at night knowing this.

For the rest of the blog I will respond to the questions I get asked most.

First one, "Did you find love?" I did not. I did meet a great girl. Amy is wonderful. We had a great time sharing this experience and we remain friends, but she's not "the one" for me. Truth is, I did not expect to meet anyone on the show. Actually, I don't believe that anyone can find love by looking for it. It finds you when you are just being yourself. So that’s what I'm doing.

Next one, "What was it like meeting Patti?" It was just like you would expect, only worse! She is a tough woman. It's a TV show, and it's her TV show, so she has the home court advantage. But thanks to, I'm able to respond.

Next, "Was it real?" Totally. I controlled almost everything. I got myself on the show, I set up and directed the shoot in the Bahamas, I spoke my mind, I picked Amy, and I set up the date. I did not order the rain.

Next, "How did you get on the show?" Easy, I called them. I told them I would be perfect for the show and obviously, they agreed.

Last question, "Why did you do it?" This answer needs to be broken into parts. 

First, if I didn't do it, I would have always wondered "What if?" I can't live like that. Better to try and fail than to never have tried. 

Second, I did it for the laughs. I like to entertain. I have spent a good part of my life doing just that. I try to make people laugh all the time, and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to do that. And was I right, so many of my friends are telling me they still can't stop laughing. Truth is, neither can I.

Third, I saw it as a challenge. A lot of people that go on the show come off looking, well, bad, and I thought, "I'm not going to let them make me look bad, I'm just going to be myself and hope I come off looking good." I feel like I did. 

Fourth, I did it for the opportunities it might create. Who knows where this will lead me. I already have the feeling that good things will come from this. Actually, they already have. All the great comments have made it worth the effort. From here on, everything else is gravy.

And who knows, maybe Odee (my pooch) and I will find true love? I hold onto the thought that maybe someone will see me on the show and say, "That's the guy (and girl) for me!" Sorry, we're a package deal.

I get that my lifestyle is not for everyone. But I do believe that there is someone out there that would love to lead a simple life, filled with love, laughter and adventure, with a guy who says it like he sees it, is true to his word and knows that all the money in the world doesn't mean a thing without the love of friends and family.

Thanks for reading!



Making a Match: A #Matchmaker First!

Patti never dreamed that her couples counseling for Allison Baver and her man would end up in a Clubhouse proposal! 

Season 8 of The Millionaire Matchmaker is one of the most dramatic ever. This time around, Patti Stanger is helping plenty of unlikely clients find love, from Dina Lohan and Bravo's own Kenya Moore to The Bachelorette's Jesse Kovacs!

Each week, we're asking Patti to weigh in on every episode in her exclusive vlog. She'll tackle the good (a #Matchmaker proposal!), the bad (celeb chef Devin picking the wrong man)—and the surprising (exotic dancing, anyone?). 

This week, she talks about finding the perfect match for Devin Alexander, taking on her first Matchmaker couple Allison Baver and her boyfriend Tommy and more. Check out the latest episode vlog below and watch past episodes here.

This week Olympic Speed Skater Allison Baver came to me with her new boyfriend Tommy that has been together with her for ten months.
What they actually need is a relationship tune-up. That’s one of my rules: never move in without some form of commitment. Allison she is an alpha, she is interrupting Tommy a lot and doesn’t even realize it, and she’s bullying the poor guy.

The last thing that comes up is that he happens to be a former exotic dancer.
My second client this week is Devin Alexander she’s a chef to celebrities and a best-selling cookbook author. She’s a cute girl but she’s dressed in a grandma dress, bustling around her kitchen with a dippy smile on her face, so I have a lot of work to do this week. And lose that Batman Joker smile.

It's mixer day at the Emerson nightclub, Candace helped Devin by picking a sexy dress and she’s looking smoking hot but there is a twist, David brings Allison and Tommy to watch. And I can see it on Allison’s face -- watching the process reminds Allison how hard it is to meet a single guy.
I send them off on a surprise field trip, some love lessons. Meanwhile at the mixer Devin’s choices are narrowed down to three guys. I really like Dan and Aaron, but Devin keeps staring at Todd. Todd is great, but doesn’t really seem into her. I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make it drink. If Todd is a great date so be it, but she doesn’t listen.

When I asked if they were still thinking about marriage in the future, Tommy did something I wasn’t expecting. . .

Back to Allison and Tommy, I set up Allison with a class with a champion pole dancer. So Allison can appreciate the work Tommy used to do.

We sent Tommy to a skating lesson and this time it was Allison’s job to cheer Tommy on and support him.

The love lessons were great, when I asked if they were still thinking about marriage in the future, Tommy did something I wasn’t expecting.

Yes! Chalk one more up for the Matchmaker this week, that’s what I live for and now I have another wedding to dance at. Love it!


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